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Our theater

The Pirates Action Open Air Theater is located at the entrance of Grevesmuehlen from the A20. The picturesque grounds of more than 70,000 square meters offer generous free parking right in front of the theater, a unique market place to stay and enjoy with Germany’s only true Piratenkaschemme “Zur Schatzinsel”, grandstand seats for over 1600 spectators, its own lake as well as the economic areas with workshops, Stables and pastures.

The theater opened its doors in 2007 on the former Brachland between Schweriner Landstraße and the L3 from Upahl to Grevesmühlen and has been continuously expanded since then.

New, barrier-free sanitary facilities were created, as well as a stage in the cask for toddlers. Lovingly, Caribbean-style cottages invite you to eat, drink and pirate shopping.

The market square opens daily from Tuesday to Saturday from 17.00 hrs, as well as on Sundays at 13.00 hrs, and is accessible during this period even without an entrance ticket.

The entry into the spectator area on the grandstand begins with a valid entrance ticket each 30 minutes before the start of the performance. This is Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30 pm and on Sundays at 4 pm.a

The fateful encounters of Capt’n Flint

The world of pirates has always fascinated young and old. Hardly anyone can escape the adventurous profession.

Dozens of novels and children’s books, adventure films and plays led us to a time when the ships were still made of wood and the men of iron.

Our image of this time in the Caribbean is characterized by daring pirates, beautiful women, a dreamlike landscape, sail adventures and fierce fighting for giant gold treasures.

Inspired by R. L. Stevenson’s novel “The Treasure Island”, one of the world’s best-known adventurous novels, we are looking for answers to all those questions surrounding the mysterious aura of Capt’n Flint:

What actually happened before the events on the Treasure Island? Is this island and where is it located? Who was this flint? Where did he come from? How do you become a pirate? All these questions lead us to the places of action, the island world of the Caribbean Sea.

Interwoven with authentic events and guaranteed characters of the pirate era runs before our eyes the adventurous, fictitious life of the master and later Capt’n Flint. Thus he encounters inter alia. The legendary Henry Morgan, who even became governor of Jamaica after his pirate run.

He meets Anne Bonny, one of the few famous pirate women, to meet the notorious Calico Jack, who won doubtful fame through his raids on Veracruz. He encounters Capt. Edward, Bartholomew Roberts, Stete Bonnet, the Spanish Viceroy and many others People of the time. On this journey through his life we ​​get to know some of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

2nd cycle “The Fateful Encounters of Capt`n Flint” from 2015 – 2019

After his biggest adventure on the island of Bone Island, Capt’n Flint and his crew will continue sailing with their proud ship “Walruß”.
Adventure for adventure is to exist in the vastness of the Caribbean Sea.

Free according to the motto:

Driven by the winds and always on the run from kings and rulers, you led an exciting life full of danger and adventure. They were wild companions in the constant search for great happiness, freedom and wealth. They were feared and admired.

Exotic islands, bizarre customs flavored with a good sense of humor provide fabric for the new stories around Capt`n Flint and his daring crew.
Title of the new episodes of the 2nd cycle

2015 “Storm over the Caymans”

2016 “The Ghost Ship”

2017 “Execution in Cartagena”

2018 “Spanish Cuba”

2019 “Under false flag”

2020 “A kingdom before the wind”

2021 “The secret of Galleone”

2022 “Stormy Caribbean”

2023 “With fire, sword and crucifix”

2024 “Capt. Joshua Flint”


Keep Capt’n Flint and his crew faithful when the battle cry through the Caribbean Sea in Grevesmühlen / Nordwestmecklenburg.

“On sailor, death, and devil!”