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In the year of our Lord 1670, the Caribbean island of Bahía Honda was in Spanish hands again. From Fort Royal, Governor Don Alonso ruled this magnificent island adjacent to the ancient shipping lane to Spain. Calamity loomed across the island. Ships that bore the Jolly Roger on their masts painted the island’s quaint landscape red. And there was one name that went round: Captain Balthasar John. Who is going to set bounds to him? Governor Alonso or rather his beautiful and courageous daughter Isabella? What brings them all together on the island of Bahía Honda, a coincidence or a dark secret? And there’s also young Master Flint who, for the first time in his life, faced pirates, the chevaliers of fortune of the seas, that were to determine his fate forevermore. His destiny took Master Flint straight into the middle of the events on Bahía Honda, into the midst of thunderous cannons, bursting planks, burning sails, enmity and love.