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The treasure of pirates

We write the Year of the Lord in 1670. The Caribbean island of Bahia Honda is again in Spanish hands. Governor Don Alonso reigns from Fort Royal on this ancient island on the old route to Spain.

Disaster breeds over the island. Ships with the skull and crossbones on the mast make the idyllic area unsafe. And a name always falls – Captn. Baltasar John.

Who can stop him? The Governor Alonso or his beautiful and brave daughter Isabella? Is it a coincidence or a gloomy secret that all on the island of Bahia Honda merges?

The young Master Flint also meets pirates for the first time, the fortunes of the seas, which are destined to determine their destiny forever. Master Flint drives life into the midst of the events on Bahia Honda – between canon donuts, bursting planks, burning sails, enmity and love.