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In the year of our Lord 1677, the Caribbean island of Jamaica was firmly in the hands of the British Crown, ruled by Governor Blatter from the city of Port Antonio. The great naval powers of England and France were at war, and, as the saying goes, when two quarrel the third rejoices, in other words: the lords of the sea with the Jolly Roger on their mast. And time and again, one name rang out: Captain Henry Morgan. Adverse weather and a bold pirate raid had Joshua Flint end up in Port Antonio. Having escaped death at sea by the skin of his teeth, Flint’s next stroke of fate was just about to happen: standing trial for being a spy and an enemy of England. He and his companions would have been doomed to die, if it wasn’t for seaman Billy Bones, a French envoy called Le Frog, a mysterious man in a mask and a slave girl called Silvana. In the slave market in Port Antonio, a fight breaks out. This is when and where Flint finally encounters the man who scares the entire Caribbean to death: Henry Morgan. Is even Governor Blatter scared to death of him, or are the two of them united by their passion for the gold of the Spaniards? They exile Blatter from the island, and both Flint and those who are loyal to him enjoy the liberty they have resumed. But not for long. The governor returns a ruthless and brutal man. His right hand, Commodore Smith, shows no mercy and his brutality does not even spare his own wife. After many of Flint’s companions lost their life, he and Bones put all their eggs in one basket and bravely confront the governor and his royalist soldiers. The fate of them all seems to have been sealed when the governor orders to open fire at them from the fort. However, it is again one man who has a bearing on the hands of time and makes the powers that be tremble. But in the end, nothing and nobody was able to stop the course of history. And so, our Captain Flint and his men moved on, hurling themselves into new adventures in search of happiness, love and a decision that is going to have an impact on the rest of his life.