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Pirates, privateers and corsairs

We write the year 1677. The Caribbean island of Jamaica is firmly in English hands and Governor Blatter reigns from Port Antonio on this island.

The great maritime powers of England and France are at war, and when two are arguing, the proverb says, the third-the masters of the seas with the head-of-death flag on the mast, rejoices. And always a name falls – Capt’n Henry Morgan.

Through harsh weather and a brazen pirate raid, Joshua flints to Port Antonio. With scarce need to escape death at sea, the next fate awaits, an accusation as a spy and enemy of England.

He and his companions would be sure of death, if the sailor Bill Bones, the French ambassador Le Frog, were not a mysterious masquerade and the slave girl Silvana. On the slaves’ market of Port Antonio it comes to the fight. Here Flint meets the man before whom the Caribbean is trembling, Henry Morgan. Does Governor Blatter also tremble, or does the two have a common passion for the gold of the Spaniards?

Blatter is exiled from the island and Flint as well as all the faithful enjoy their regained freedom. But joy does not last long. Ruthlessly and brutally, the governor returns. His right hand, Commodore Smith, shows no compassion and his brutality does not stop even from his own wife. After many of Flint’s companions left their lives, he and Bones put everything on a map and boldly stand in the way of the Governor and his royal men.T

he fate of all seems to be sealed when the Governor fires from the fort. But again, a man turns the wheel of history and makes the powerful ones tremble. But ultimately the course of history was not to be stopped by anything or anyone. And so our Capt’n Flint moved with his family to new adventures in search of happiness, love and a decision that will shape his whole life forever.