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In the year of our Lord 1688, a message from Tortuga made the lords of the Caribbean Sea prick up their ears. Hassard Killigrew, known as the Sea Wolf, Siri-Tong, Captain England, Lord Horatio, the protector of the buccaneer state, as well as many other valiant men had died during a massive battle on land and at sea. Only a mariner called Joshua Flint and his crew were able to escape from the island of the pirate brethren. This fellow called Flint was said to have set sail aboard a British vessel, the Fancy, with an enormous amount of Arawak pearls and the knowledge of Killigrew’s treasure of silver. His course took him to the northwest by north, joined by the abducted niece of the Spanish viceroy. The Caribbean had its hero, another pirate: Captain Joshua Flint. And this is where our adventure begins.

A ship with patched-up sails and a brittle rigging having a hard time traversing the Caribbean Sea. Its mast presented the sailer’s torn-up flag of the East India Company and its hull bears the ship’s name, though barely readable: Fancy. After what had happened on Tortuga, the Fancy became one of the most wanted ships across the Caribbean. No wonder that it ran into a Spanish warship on its way to Antigua, and in a life-and-death fight the Spaniards ended up doomed to die. With the last of their strength, they arrived on Antigua, the island where they believed Killigrew had buried his treasure. However, the Spaniards had already gone ashore which is why Flint and his crew got caught in the middle between the naval powers of their time. The island’s ever-present voodooism overshadowed the entire course of events. Here, Flint reunited with old friends, such as the powerful Sir Henry Morgan, but also some people presumed dead crossed his path. And so, our Captain Flint again had reached a crossroads, being able to change history for the blink of an eye: was he supposed to sail the seas as an outlaw and shrug off being hunted by virtually anybody or rather accept the letter of marque furnished by the British king and sail at the behest of the Crown?