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On behalf of the Crown

We write the year of the Lord in 1690.

A message from Tortuga lets the gentlemen of the Caribbean Sea listen. Hassard Killigrew, called the sea-wolf, Siri-Tong, Capt’n England, Lord Horatio, the Protector of the Free State, but also many, many good men have died during a violent battle on land and water.

Only a certain Joshua Flint and his crew left the Island of the Pirate Brotherhood alive. This flint was struck with the ship of England, the “Fancy”, a huge quantity of Arawak pearls and the knowledge of Killigrew’s silver treasure: the north-north-west, on board the abducted niece of the Spanish Viceroy , A new pirate: Capt’n Joshua Flint

And here is our adventure. A ship with needly patched sails and brittle rope is painstakingly making its way through the Caribbean Sea. A tattered flag of the Eastern Company flutters on its mast, and on its trunk it bears the name “Fancy”, barely recognizable.

After the events on Tortuga, the “Fancy” is one of the most popular ships in the Caribbean, and so on the way to Antigua on a Spanish war ship, the Spanish is sunk in a fight for life and death.

With last power, Antigua is reached, the island on which Killigrew’s treasure is suspected. But also Spaniards have already landed, and so Flint and his crew are once again between the fronts of the maritime powers of his time.

The widespread voodoo charm will accompany all events. Flint meets old friends like the mighty Sir Henry Morgan, but also long-dead believers cross his way.

And so our Capt’n Flint stands once more at the crossroads, to influence the story for a stroke of the eyelash: Should he cross the seas free of birds and hunted, or accept the caper-letter of the English King, and sail on behalf of the Crown? Flint will decide and he will find the treasure, but here and now, only the visitor of the new episode “Im Auftrag der Krone” will learn.