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Pirates in front of Cartagena

They had not found him on Antigua – the legendary treasure of Siri Tong.
Instead, they would have fallen into the hands of a Spaniard.

Now they had to decide-free of birds forever and hunted by all or sail with the caper-letter of the English crown. And Flint had decided: with the stern to England and with the bow against the rest of the world, the nose free in the wind, one hand for his ship, the “walrus” and the other for the booty, but the eyes always alert And looking for the treasure.

Thus, without any major incidents, they were driven into the Gulf of Darien by direct winds, straight into the Lion’s Cave – Cartagena, seat of the Spanish Viceroy in the New World, and one of the best fortified cities on earth.

To find out which way the Spanish convoy from Portobello took, and especially when they were leaving, there was only this way. The “Walruss” was camouflaged as a harmless sailing ship from Lübeck and entered the port of Cartagena under the Hanse flag.

Here they should meet in the tavern “Ingles Infierno” an ally with more information – a certain John Silver.