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The hell before Maracaibo

We write the year of the Lord in 1690.

Cartagena is destroyed. Capt’n Flint’s ship, the “Walruß”, sailed with Bill Bones at the helm on the open sea, course pearl island “Isla de Margarita”.

However, Capt’n Flint, Silver and Israel Hands remained only the way through the swamps to the southeast. Her course was also fixed: Maracaibo. They fought their way through the jungles, marshes and mountains. Unrelenting anger and a clear view into the future leave flint, silver and hands both the Spaniards and hunger, thirst and fever duly defy. As they cross the mountain chain of the Sierra Parija and enter the commercial road between San Cristobal and Maracaibo, they are only two. You reach the Monastery of St. Ignacius at the foot of the Picco los Torres, the riotous mountain.

Here in the monastery, Spaniards, Dutch, French, English and Indios meet – paths from all directions cross the mission at the gates of Maracaibos.

Can Flint continue to escape the Spanish hackle? And what are the roles played by a certain brother Jerome and the Order’s sister Magdalena, as well as the devious Sir Stede Bonnet and the English officer Sir Ruck? This remains as secret as the answer to the question until June 24, 2011: Will Flint see the crew and his ship, the “Walrus” or will he be trapped forever in front of Maracaibo?

You can find answers at the Pirates Open Air Theater GrevesmUEhlen from 24 June to 10 September 2011 in the episode “The Hell Before Maracaibo”