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In the year of our Lord 1690, Cartagena had been destroyed. With Billy Bones at its helm, Captain Flint’s ship, the Walrus, made for the open seas, bound for the pearl island of Isla de Margarita. Captain Flint, Silver and Israel Hands had no other chance but to cross the swamps to the southeast. They also knew their heading: Maracaibo. With that destination before their very eyes, they were fighting their way through the jungle, trudging through the swamps and leaving behind the mountains. Bristling with unrelenting rage and with their eyes focusing on the future, Flint, Silver and Hands well and truly defied the Spaniards as well as hunger, thirst and fever. When they climbed the Serranía del Perijá mountains and stumbled upon the trade route between San Cristóbal and Maracaibo, there were only two of them left. They arrive at the Saint Ignatius monastery at the foot of the Pico los Torres, the rumbling mountain. Spaniards, Dutch, French, English and Indios gathered at this mission off the gates of Maracaibo where the paths from all of the four cardinal directions joined up. Will Flint keep escaping from the clutches of the Spanish henchmen? And what do a certain Friar Hieronymus, a sister called Magdalena, the shifty Sir Stede Bonnet and the English officer Sir Ruck have got to do with all this? And will Flint see his crew and his ship again or rather remain a captive within the hell outside the gates of Maracaibo forever?