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In the year of our Lord 1692 and thus following the adventures on the Virgin Islands, Flint was bound for the hiding places across the Turks and Caicos Islands. He was inspired by the idea of being pretty close to the solution of the riddle, pretty close to the whereabouts of the legendary treasure.

On the island of Inagua, an old fisherman gave Captain Flint another important hint that took him to New Providence, the northernmost cesspool of iniquity in the Caribbean. Whoever cast his anchor here was bound to pay and tythe both the king and the governor, the devoted agent of his majesty King Charles II. Everybody paying their share enjoyed the protection and goodwill of the governor.

When Flint made for the crowded port of New Providence, his biggest adventure began. Encountering Bartholomew Roberts, the gorgeous Lola, the padre and many others got Flint deeper and deeper into a game of love, power and intrigues. Together with the “old buccaneer”, he drew closer to his destination, the treasure of Killigrew. However, neither him nor his crew had a clue about all of this when they dropped their anchor in New Providence.