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The old privateer

We write the Year of the Lord in 1692. After the adventures in the island world of the Virgin Islands Flint course takes on the hiding angles of the Turks and Caycos islands. He is animated by the idea of ​​being very close to the mystery, very close to the fate of the legendary treasure.

On the island of Anagua Capt’n Flint receives an important reference from an old fisherman, which leads him to New Providence. New Providence – the northerest cul-de-sac in the Caribbean. Whoever anchors here must pay a tenth to the king and another to the governor, the extended arm of his Majesty King Charles. As long as one paid, one enjoyed the protection and benevolence of the governor.

When Flint starts the crowded port of New Providence, his biggest adventure begins. Encounters with Bartholomew Roberts, with the lovely Lola, the Father, and many others, let Flint dive into a game of love, power, and intrigue. His goal, the treasure of Killigrew, he comes very close together with the “Old Privateer”. But all of this he and his crew suspected as they did not anchor in New Providence.