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The Treasure Island – Bone Island!

In the year 2014 Capt’n Flint sails into his biggest adventure ever.

His course takes him to the Florida road. Flint and the rest of his crew fell victim to treasure fever on New Providence.

Everyone aboard the “Walrus” dreamed of this immeasurable wealth. The thoughts of the crew and their caption hurried ahead of the times and pushed the imminent danger before and behind the wind. What they would expect at Bone Island, they did not know.

The Capt’n Roberts followed them and hired countless pirate crews, they did not know.

In the year 1693, the “Walrass” ran in the Smanthers Bay on Bone Island.

When Flint becomes an eternal grave, he succumbs to the curse of Bone Island or leaves the island as one of the richest men of his time.

Will Capt`n Roberts and his pirate hordes of opponents for Flint or the ubiquitous Spaniards?

Questions about questions.