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Captain Flint had sailed into his biggest adventure ever. His course took him through the Straits of Florida. Having just escaped being killed on New Providence, Flint and the rest of his crew became addicted to treasure hunting. Everybody aboard the Walrus dreamed of this immeasurable wealth. The thoughts of both the crew and their captain rushed ahead of their time and took their minds off the imminent danger before and behind the wind. They had no idea what was waiting for them on Bone Island, just like they were unaware of Captain Roberts hiring numerous pirate crews whilst closing in on them. And so in the year 1693, the Walrus arrived at the harbour of Smathers Bay on Bone Island.

Will Bone Island become Flint’s eternal grave, and will the island’s curse be his undoing, or will he leave the island as one of the richest men of his time? Who’s going to be Flint’s adversaries: Captain Roberts and his pirate hordes or the ever-present Spaniards?