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It is the year of our Lord 1698. Although the English tried to draw a veil of silence over the occupation of Grand Turk, the tidings about the victorious pirates spread like wildfire. From this moment forth, Flint and his crew, together with the islanders who had decided to stay, were having their hands full. They needed to safeguard the port, the coast, all embayments and shores. It was inevitable to conclude constructing the bank, the fort and several other significant structures, and the pirates were required to establish a new order. That is why each and every one of them was assigned to tasks a pirate ship crew had not at all been accustomed to before, everyone but Billy and Spike who were in charge of putting up the island’s work of defence while Bonny and Flint delved into devising the new order, Pew attended to the ships, Hannah and Felicitas took care of the supplies and Nim van den Anderen supervised the construction of the most important buildings. Silver and Hands looked after the incomers who initially arrived at the island in small numbers. None of the crews of the larger ships appeared to be willing to drop their anchors, but Flint was dead certain that many more sympathisers are yet to come. If only someone bearing a prominent name found his way to them, many more would undoubtedly follow. And that is just what happened. Charles Vane was the very first who made it to Grand Turk. And from that moment forth, like-minded seamen, mariners of all nations as well as runaway slaves were dashing to the island. Flint had his work cut out, so his Kingdom before the Wind will have its requisite order and won’t descend all too soon into the waves of chaos.