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Frequent asked questions

How and where do I order my ticket?

Here on our website on the Tickets page.

By telephone under +49 3881 756600.

By fax to +49 3881 7566029.

By email to

At all major ticket offices.

Please note that ticket reservations are legally binding and that we hold available your tickets until 60 minutes before showtime at the latest.

What methods of payment are available?

Bank transfer. We will ship your tickets upon receipt of payment.

Credit card (VISA, MasterCard).


Instant transfer.

Is it possible to return my ticket?

Any ticket you order cannot be returned. This also holds true for any ticket you order online.

According to sec. 312g (9) of the Civil Code of Germany, the right of objection cannot be exercised when it comes to certain contracts including but not restricted to agreements stipulating the provision of further services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance.

Thank you for your understanding.

What are the opening hours of your box office at the theatre in Grevesmühlen?

In the weeks prior to the premiere, our box office is open from Monday to Friday between 09.00 am and 3.00 pm. During the season, our box office opens daily at 11.00 am and closed at showtime.

What parking facilities are available?

Just out the front of the Pirates Open Air theatre, there is an outdoor parking area for cars and busses. Please note that we do not charge a parking fee.

Parking your motorhome at the theatre’s parking area is also exempt from charges. However, please observe the relevant legal regulations.

Are there any parking spaces for the disabled?

Yes, there are, directly out the front of the theatre’s main entrance. Please have your disabled parking permit, or “blue badge”, on show inside the vehicle.

Are there public rehearsals?

The dress rehearsal is open to the public. Ticket price: EUR 22.00, free seating.

How do I get to the Pirates Open Air theatre in Grevesmühlen?

From Lübeck or Rostock on motorway A20, by turning off at exit Grevesmühlen. The theatre is located directly at the entrance to the city.

If you travel by train, your arrival station is Grevesmühlen.

When necessary, the booking office next to the “Kurverwaltung” in the city of Boltenhagen is well-prepared to arrange for a shuttle bus.

Will I pay more when I book my ticket online?

Regardless whether you book your ticket via RESERVIX or directly through our website, the price of admission is the same.

Are there any concessions available when I book my ticket online?

All concessions are also available for online bookings and may be selected during your booking process. Please find an overview of the concessions we currently offer on our Prices page

What concessions do you offer?

We offer free admission to children who do not need a seat of their own.

We also offer concessions to children under the age of 14 as well as to people with a degree of disability of at least 80 per cent and their required accompanying carer.

Please refer to our Prices page for all the concessions we currently offer.

Is there theme-related fan merchandise available at the theatre?

There is a merchandise stall on site called „Schatztruhe“ where you may buy theme-related merchandise.

Do you offer any group discounts?

Please refer to our Prices page for all the discounts we currently offer.



Are there public conveniences at the theatre?

The theatre provides public conveniences both on the Market Square of Maracaibo and inside the theatre’s own pirate tavern „Zur Schatzinsel“ („Treasure Island“).

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed on the Market Square of Maracaibo, and thus right out the front of the entrance to the stands, but not on the stands themselves which is first and foremost for the good of the dogs that are likely susceptible to stress during the performances‘ action scenes.

What kind of catering do you offer?

Out the front of the entrance to the stands, there are various snacks and drinks available on the Market Square of Maracaibo, and there you will also find the theatre’s own pirate tavern “Zur Schatzinsel” (“Treasure Island”).

All catering facilities open three hours before showtime.

How do I know that my order has been successfully submitted?

Within a few seconds after you have placed your order, you either are going to receive an electronic confirmation or may choose to print your ticket at home.

Are the stands roofed?

This venue is an open-air theatre.

May I take pictures or even film a performance?

For strictly private purposes, you are allowed to both take pictures and film a performance.

However, if you intend to use pictures or footage for commercial purposes please get in touch with the theatre management in advance.

Does the Pirates Open Air Theatre offer vouchers?

Please book your gift voucher either online or at the theatre’s box office.

Are the performances suitable for children?

Yes, they are. However, we recommend to only come and watch the performances with children under the age of 5 if you are absolutely sure that they are both able to bear up against the increasing acoustic level during the action scenes and willing to follow the performance to the end.

Is smoking permitted in the stands?

The Pirates Open Air Theatre stage area including the stands is a strictly no-smoking area.

If you feel like smoking during the performances, we recommend to bring an e-cigarette, such as those sold by, the Store is located in Grevesmühlen-City.