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Execution in Cartagena

Our story takes place in the year of our Lord 1695.

The hurricane and events on Providenciales, the beautiful island at the edge of the Caicos Passage have torn through the plans of Captain Flint and his crew. However, they were able to brave the hurricane, find the remains of the ‘Urca de Lima’ and seize a valuable cargo though they did not manage to get themselves and the treasure to safety.

In order to save their crew, Flint and Scully had to surrender to the Spanish crown. Flint’s crew failed to board the ‘Kaka de Fuego’ yacht and free themselves as they had hoped. After a short stay in the Cayman Islands, boatman Pew took over the ‘Pearl’, while the ‘Walrus’ headed for San Andres off the coast of Costa Rica.

Now Flint and Scully set foot on Cartegena soil as prisoners. The hope of liberation dwindles with every hour. The viceroy Don Caspar de la Cerda is a power-hungry despot, a puppeteer who has all of the puppets in the viceroyalty of New Spain dancing to his tune. He has the support of his most senior judge and grand inquisitor, Don Mattheo Grosso de Crawallo de Crawum, as well as the crafty scientist Professor Geronimus.

There is only one thing keeping Flint and Scully alive at all. Only they know where the treasure of the ‘Urca de Lima’ has got to. Viceroy Don Caspar will use all means necessary to prise the secret from the two of them. A show trial is orchestrated, schemes concocted and the values of civilisation bent – and all that for gold, silver and gemstones. As long as Don Caspar can rely on his vassals and his shadow, the Nordic woman-warrior Gerlinde, he feels superior and confident. He sticks at nothing to reach his goal. Neither Scully not Donna Isadora, who has genuinely fallen in love with Flint, nor indeed pirate Ned Low, who is in his service can be sure that they will live to see another day. They all die because Don Caspar commands it.

But then things take a turn. The crew of the ‘Walrus’ will not save their captain. Instead, the Danish Queen Margrethe II comes to his rescue with her flagship the ‘Copenhagen’ and a certain gentleman named Charles Vane. Vane is not exactly Flint’s best friend but an honourable pirate and that is enough for him to want to save Flint. In an unprecedented, spectacular campaign, Vane is able to free Flint with the help of the beautiful landlady Angelina de l’ Oreal.

All hell breaks loose over Cartagena de Indias, a howling, pitiless hell.

Flint’s war against Spain begins here and now. The pain and experiences of the last several hours runs deep.

In the light of the fire from Cartagena’s downfall, Captain Flint is already looking north – to where the spaniards are most vulnerable – Spanish Cuba!