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Our story takes place in the year of the Lord 1703.

A cloak of silence was placed over the failed special operations on Great Inagua, as always, by the royal houses of the old world. Grand Turk was developing into an economically stable republic at a rapid pace. However, the island was bursting at the seams. More land was needed. And so Capt`n Flint contacted the Dutch West India Company. The Dutch sold the conquered islands that they did not want to incorporate into their own kingdom. This could be the solution for Flint and Grand Turk. A new territory for the „Kingdom before the wind”, obtained without bloodshed.

Flint and his crew sailed to Curacao. In Willemstad he was to meet the bailiff and head of the Company, Daan van Straaten. And this is where his mistake began. The strings in this perfidious game were being pulled by completely different people. Suddenly, countless old acquaintances were cavorting in this political and business realm. This stormy Caribbean threatened to swallow everything and the pirates had to pay a high, far too high, price to escape once again.