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The trap of the Spaniards

The escape of Jamaica has succeeded. Flint and all his friends are free again!

On the “Isla de Pinos” they have not only found peace, security and love but also Silvanas family. But the masters of law and order on the island are the Spaniards.

Twilight figures like the head-hunter Peter van Dünsten make paradise a deadly trap. The native Arawak Indians are only used as a means to an end. Pirates and their sympathizers are hunted mercilessly.

The encounter with Siri Tong, the excellently beautiful woman with the almond eyes, should now completely change the life of our Capt’n Flint. A gigantic fight for the naked survival once and for all seals the fate of our hero. The end of the Arawak Indians and their chief Tetowak make Flint go the way into eternal freedom, the way one of the most feared free-riders of the Caribbean.