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In the year of our Lord 1678, Flint and his fellow mariners successfully took flight from Jamaica. All of them were free again. They not only found rest, safety and love on the Isla de Pinos, but also Silvana’s family. However, those who determine law and order on this island are the Spaniards. Shady characters, like the bounty hunter Peter van Dünsten, turn this paradise into a deadly trap. The indigenous Arawak people are just a means to an end. Pirates and those who sympathise with them are hunted down without mercy. Meeting Siri Tong, the excitingly gorgeous woman with almond eyes, will change the life of our Captain Flint completely. A full-scale battle for their bare survival seals the fate of our protagonists once and for all. The demise of the Arawak people including their chief Tetowak has paved Flint’s way for both allowing him to be eternally free and becoming one of the most dreaded buccaneers in the Caribbean.