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The ghost ship

We write the year of the Lord in 1694. It happened as Flint had established it. The “Pearl” followed the rogue Baba to the island of Jamaica. But there was not another trace and so the “Pearl” sailed back on the Caymans with a favorable wind. Capt`n Flint, on the other hand, sailed with the “whale-black” on the south-east course through the waves of the Caribbean Sea. After 20 days, the Wind-Ward Passage was reached, the ones that were to pass the “Urca de Lima”. Day and night the guards looked out for the Spanish treasure ship. The wait was a pain. Suddenly, the sky darkened and announced with a roar of the approaching Hurrican. From the darkness of the twinkling lightning, the tall mastwork of a sailor appeared ghostly. Flint’s command – hard starboard – chased the “whale-black” away from the strange event, which had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared in the next wave.

In the protected Sapodilla Bay the end of the storm was expected. But only 5 nautical miles away the “Urca de Lima” fought for naked survival. The heavy, decent ship had scarred and broke over the forward reef. The death of the ship and its crew had begun. Only 25 people survived the inferno. After the survivors found themselves again, the missionary Don Adolfo and the Spanish ambassador Don Alfredo de Cervezas established the Spanish order among the stranded. Not only the niece of the Spanish Viceroy was convinced of the hope of speedy help, but all Spaniards on the beach on Provo Island. No one suspected that they had long been observed. When Flint and the crew of the Walrus came across the dunes and saw the shattered “Urca”, they came across the Buccaneers around Paul Whopper and a strange prisoner – the crew known as Billy Bones.

The strange story of Billy and the promise of the Buccaneers let the fight for the treasure of the “Urca” take up and win side by side. Flint thought of himself at the end of his adventure. He had the gold of the “Urca” and the niece of the Viceroy as a prisoner for a fat ransom. Now only the time worked against him. And so he made a bold plan to remain lord of gold. As happy as the ghost ship had shown him the way to the island, he now let him down. The adulterous, brutal Don Adolfo de Krawallo returned too quickly with a Spanish hunting ship, the “fireman – Kaka de Fuego”. This concentrated power of thundering cannon, and to all the determined Spanish soldiers, the small crew of the “Walruß” could not cope with. The escape of the ship was not possible due to a targeted fire. Flint and the crew have to fight for naked life again. But the brutal opponent wants everyone to bleed in the beaches of the beautiful Grace Bay. Whether friend or foe, Don Krawallo knows no mercy. And before the Spaniard extinguishes the lives of all, Flint proposes a final trade. And the Spaniard is accepting.

Not only the crew of the “Walruß” is rescued, but also Donna Isidora, the niece of the Spanish Viceroy. Only the fate of Flint and Scully in the hands of Don Krawallo remains uncertain. At the end three ships leave the dream island with the same course. Only the goals could not have been more different. None of the Spaniards knew what an unimaginable mystery would remain in the white beaches of this paradisiacal island. Only the men of the Walrus knew. And the ghost riders of the seas show them the way to the wake of “Kaka de Fuego”.

But this is the beginning of our next adventure “Execution in Cartagena” …