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In the year of our Lord 1697, the tidings about the destruction of the Casa Construcción in Trinidad spread like wildfire throughout the territories in the New World. By having recaptured the Walrus, Captain Joshua Flint again had become the most dreaded pirate in the Caribbean. The viceroy was seething with anger, but Mancha Negra and Gerlinde felt bound to secrecy with good reason. The world had changed rapidly. Spain and England had concluded peace, and even France was rather interested in trading and reaping profits than waging a war with the great kingdoms. To them there was only one enemy: the pirates. But even worse for Flint and the other pirates: out of the blue, England occupied the Cayman Islands and declared them a royal colony. The banks were closed, and the banker Nim van den Anderen barely escaped death. Once again, Flint’s riches changed hands and none of the pirates could do anything about it. Whoever stood in the path of the Crown was destroyed. Many good men were forced to take flight. Fighting was futile, and the royal houses did feast on their triumph. Then again, the white beach sand at Grace Bay within the Turks and Caicos archipelago still bore a secret. That is why Flint was bound for Hawk’s Nest Bay on Grand Turk aboard the almost reconditioned Walrus and introduced his crew to an audacious plan. A plan as far-fetched as ingenious … under false flag so to speak.