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Our story takes place in the year of our Lord 1697.

In the lands of the new world, news of the ruin of Casa Construction in Trinidad was spreading like wildfire. The recapture of the Walrus made Capt’n Joshua Flint once more become the nightmare of the Caribbean. The viceroy trembled, but Mancha Negra and Gerline kept quiet for good reason. The world had changed as if overnight. Spain and England had made peace. Even France considered trade and profits more important than the wars of the royal houses. There remained only one enemy for them all – the pirates. But it would get much worse for Flint and the other pirates. The Cayman Islands were abruptly occupied by the Englishmen and declared a colony of the kingdom. The banks were closed and the banker “Tak van ze others” barely escaped death. Flint’s treasure changed hands once again and none of the pirates could do anything to prevent it. Those who did not run with the pack were exterminated. Many good men had to escape. To fight would have been futile. The royal houses triumphed all along the line. But there were still the Turks and Caicos Islands and their secret in the white-sand beaches of Grace Bay. Flint therefore headed towards the Hawkes Nest Bay on Grand Turk with the almost new “Walrus” and presented his crew with an audacious plan, a plan so absurd it was genius – “under false flag”.