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The Pirates Action Open Air Theatre is located at the entrance to Grevesmühlen coming from the A20 motorway. The picturesque site comprises more than 70,000 square metres, provides for free-of-charge parking spaces out the front of the theatre entrance and features a unique market square inviting the theatregoers to pop in to Germany’s one and only pirate tavern Zur Schatzinsel (Treasure Island), stands exceeding a seating capacity of 1,600, the theatre’s own lake as well as staff-and-crew-only areas, such as workshops, stables and pastures.

The theatre saw its first season in 2007 on the former fallow land between Schweriner Landstraße and the L3 road from Upahl to Grevesmühlen and has been expanding ever since.

New, barrier-free sanitary facilities were put up as well as a platform stage inside a cask for side shows. Lovingly designed Caribbean-style stalls invite you to have a snack or drink or capture some pirate-themed souvenirs.

During the season, the market square is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 5.00 pm and on Sundays from 1.00 pm.

Admission to the stands however requires a valid ticket and commences 30 minutes before showtime which is at 7.30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and at 4.00 pm on Sundays.

The Fateful Encounters of the Pirate Joshua Flint

The world of pirates has always cast a spell on the young and the old. It’s hard to withstand this adventurous trade.

Dozens of novels and children’s books, adventure films and plays have drawn us into an era when the ships were made of wood and the men were made of iron.

Our idea of this era in the Caribbean is characterised by swashbuckling pirates, beautiful women, gorgeous landscapes, sailing adventures and desperate battles for enormous treasures of gold.

Inspired by R. L. Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, one of the best known adventure novels of world literature, we prompt the audience to be looking for answers to the questions regarding the mysterious aura of Captain Flint: What actually happened before the events on Treasure Island? Is Treasure Island an actual island, and where is it? Who was Flint? Where did he come from? How did you become a buccaneer, a privateer or rather a pirate? All these questions lead us to the scene of events where it all took place, to the island world of the Caribbean Sea.

Interweaving historically verified events and actual characters of the pirate era, the adventurous and fictional life of Master Flint, who shall become Captain Flint, takes place before our very eyes. We may thus witness how Flint for instance encounters the legendary Henry Morgan, who became the governor of Jamaica after having renounced his pirate life.

Flint meets Anne Bonny, one of the few famous piratesses, as well as the notorious Calico Jack, who came to doubtful fame after his raids on Vera Cruz, Captain Edward England, Captain Bartholomew Roberts, Sir Stede Bonnet, the Spanish viceroy Gaspar de la Cerda Sandoval Silva y Mendoza and a good many other contemporary people. On our journey through Flint’s life, we ​​get to know some of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

After his biggest adventure so far on Bone Island, Captain Flint will keep on sailing with his crew aboard their proud ship Walrus.

They need to stay the course from adventure to adventure in the vast Caribbean Sea.

True to the motto:

Driven by the winds and always on the run from kings and rulers, they led an exciting life full of danger and adventure. They were dashing fellows constantly looking for the great fortune, freedom and wealth. They were both feared and admired.

Outlandish islands and strange rituals peppered with a proper pinch of humour lay the foundations for the new stories revolving around Captain Flint and his daring crew.

Title of the upcoming episode

2022 „The Secret of the Galleon“

Titles of the subsequent episodes as part of the 4th cycle

2023 „Boisterous Caribbean“

2024 „With Fire, Sword and Crucifix“

2025 „Captain Joshua Flint“

Show your loyalty to Captain Flint and his crew when the battle cry resounds across the Caribbean Sea in Grevesmühlen in the northwest of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:

„To Sailor, Death and Devil“