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Terms and Conditions

In purchasing a ticket for a performance at the Piraten Open Air theatre in Grevesmühlen, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions.

Customers are required to immediately verify that the ticket provided by the Piraten Open Air theatre is the ticket necessary in order to attend the performance they would like to experience. Please note that the event organiser is unable to accept complaints at a later point in time.

Your ticket expires upon the end of the performance it belongs to.

Please approach the theatre’s box office no later than 30 minutes before showtime in order to pick up tickets you reserved before as the event organiser otherwise then will place unclaimed reservations on sale again, and please understand that from 30 minutes before showtime you are not entitled to any unclaimed reservation anymore.

In the event of rain, visitors may not use umbrellas in the stands due to obstructing the view of other visitors. You are neither allowed to film or audio-record our performances. For safety reasons, dogs and other animals are not allowed in the stands.

Please understand that visitors cannot assert claims resulting from detonation noises, pyrotechnic effects and any sort of jump-scare moments, including those resulting from sudden changes of the weather, and that the event organiser is going to object to all of them accordingly.

Trespassing on the open-air stage area and thus climbing over the barrier along the stage is prohibited. Please watch your children at all times. The event organiser does not assume any liability for any sort of damages and injuries resulting from climbing on and playing with stage-setting elements.

According to the Civil Code of Germany, tickets cannot be replaced, cancelled or returned. In accordance with a decision of Germany’s Federal Court of Justice dated 11th of September 2008, it is prohibited to commercially resell theatre tickets, see reference: I ZR 74/06.

If a performance needs to be called off, e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, the following regulations become effective:

  1. Any visitor holding a category-4 ticket may attend another performance of his or her choosing.
  2. Any visitor holding a ticket for category 1, 2 or 3 may attend another performance of his or her choosing after reserving a seat at the theatre’s box office for said performance.
  3. Any visitor who is unable to attend another performance for the remainder of the ongoing season is requested to return the ticket in question to Piraten Open Air Theater, Schweriner Landstraße 15, 23936 Grevesmühlen, Germany stating his or her bank details to be used for the reimbursement of the respective admission by remittance as the event organiser is unable to carry out any reimbursement in cash at the theatre’s box office.
  4. If it is necessary to break off a performance, the visitors are not entitled to a reimbursement of their ticket price.

The event organiser provides for a confirmed reservation of individual seats in the stands. Visitors are not allowed to sit in any other seat than the one specified on the respective ticket.

Any telephone order of tickets is considered binding. Therefore, tickets ordered by telephone are required to be picked up at the theatre’s box office no later than 60 minutes before showtime. According to sec. 312g (2) s. 1 No 9 of the Civil Code of Germany, the right of objection cannot be exercised when it comes to contracts stipulating the provision of services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance. If the event organiser offers services related to leisure activities, in particular selling event tickets, he is not bound to any right of objection. Therefore, any booking made through either Reservix or by telephone is immediately binding on behalf of the event organiser and as such the customer needs to accept the tickets he or she ordered and effect the corresponding payment right away.

All visitors are required to comply with the instructions of the theatre’s staff on site.

The event organiser of the Piraten Open Air theatre is:
adventure production Grevesmühlen GmbH
Schweriner Landstraße 15
23936 Grevesmühlen