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A life for the sea

We write the Year of the Lord in 1691. The volcano Pico los Torres destroyed the mission of St. Ignatius with a tremendous quake. But Flint escaped the hell from Maracaibo.

With Anne Bonny at his side he made his way to Curacao. Here, hoping to take over his ship, the Walruß, and leave the human abysses of the colonial powers behind him once and for all, here he sketched out his plan, which made him one of the most feared but also the richest men of his time should.

For him there is now only his ship, his crew and his goal: the plan, which foresees never to do more business with Spaniards, English, French, Portuguese and Dutch, and not at all with the West India Company.

Silver, Bones and Mary go their own way. You want to go to the South West, Trinidad or even the old trade route to Madagascar.

Flint, however, sails with the “Walrus” into the island world of the Virgin Islands and overlaps with his crew port by harbor, city by town and palace around palace. No one in the ruling houses of the New World is safe from him.

Never did Flint, Bonny, Hands, Ben Gun, Scully and the others fight harder for their goal: freedom and wealth. But Flint pursued another plan from his hiding-place in Magens Bay. He looked for the last sailor from the old team of Hassard Killigrew. Only this man could give him valuable hints for solving the puzzle around the legendary silver treasure.

A first trail leads Flint to the island of Jost van Dyke. Here he meets a new ally – Jack Rackham, called Calico Jack, in the “pitcher to the old Gouda”. This young hotspot loves woman, wine and song, and does not shy away from adventure and danger – so he is the ideal partner for Capt’n Flint.

But then Stede Bonnet, who was believed to be dead, emerges from hell. With the knowledge of the silver treasure and equipped with the power of his far-reaching intrigues, he chases Flint from the island of the Dutch to St. Croix in the catches of the Chevalier de Camembert and kidnaps the wanted buzzard, Killigrew’s last man.

Flint and Rackham manage to escape from the predicament only with cunning and determined action. But Stede Bonnet and the Buzzard are long gone to Tortola, the English governor seat of the Empire.

Governor Archibald Meatlaf, Bonnet and his handler Swan are almost on target to air the secret of the treasure when Flint and Calico Jack thwart the plan. But this counter-attack calls for a high price. Anne Bonny and Calico Jack arrive late to the agreed meeting place and are captured by Swan.

Now it is for Flint to keep calm. In her hiding-place in the Magens Bay, advice is given. The freed buzzard is interviewed and taken to the crew. The secret of the Spanish Lady is also aired.

Donna Anna-Dolores from Kstilien is declared as a prey to raise the gold for the crew. Steven Bonnet, who has finally fallen into her hands, is the verdict.

Although the team reacts to the decision of their Cat’n initially with incomprehension, they follow it all and are soon with fire and flame. They do what they do best.
The end will be good. But Flint, Flint gives his soul to the devil: